Irrigation and Sprinkler Services:

Irrigation is the watering system which gives your plants its hydration without you having to do it yourself. Often times, however, the system breaks down and it is your foliage and vegetation that pays the price. We offer sprinkler repair in Riverside, CA with expert irrigation technicians standing by to help get your system back into action.

It is essential to set up a proper irrigation schedule in California to not only conserve water but to maintain your landscape. When the irrigation system gets old, or if the system was improperly installed, repairs can become expensive and affect your water bill.

This is why we focus on the following areas:

Maintenance Since a working irrigation system is a vital part of keeping a well-maintained, healthy lawn and landscape, it is crucial that misaligned sprinklers don’t get a chance to cause brown patches in some areas. A system that isn’t pressurized correctly can waste water and money – and that’s just the beginning. We make sure your system is always working properly with an innovative irrigation system maintenance program.

Water Usage Your irrigation system uses water from California’s water supply, and, on average, sprinkler systems use about 12 gallons of water per minute – which works out to 2,160 gallons or $13 over three hours. A leak in the system will spike your water bill even higher.

Design Providing you with professional advice and planning assistance, our comprehensive sprinkler design service covers all the bases with a complete set of sprinkler system plans to help install an irrigation system with confidence.

Sprinkler Repair Our affordable sprinkler repair service will help prevent costly damage, conserve water and keep your sprinkler system in top shape year-round. When we arrive at your home for a service call, we come prepared to investigate and example your sprinkler system thoroughly, each and every one of our vans being stocked to resolve the most common issues – and even some of the more challenging ones – on the same visit.

Controllers Irrigation controllers are sometimes called irrigation timers, and we can install an array of user-friendly and smart controller water-saving options built to fit any landscape irrigation system.

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