Sod and Artificial Grass Installation Services:

Do you know why they say “the grass is greener on the other side of the fence?” It’s because your neighbors have artificial turf. Now is the time to find out how you can enjoy this beautiful, maintenance-free imitation grass, and as a landscaping contractor with a myriad of experience to our credit, we can guide you as experts on artificial turf.

Artificial grass created quite the stir when it was invented and introduced more than 50 years ago. The maker, Monsanto Company, called it “Chemgrass” and later patented the product under the AstroTurf moniker. Houston’s Astrodome was one of the first large-scale examples of a venue using this revolutionary technology, and since then, the product and other artificial grasses have been improved upon to the point that today’s synthetic grass installation offers soft green grass that looks and performs like the real thing.

The early days of AstroTurf installation, as we hinted at above, were limited to sports stadiums, as there the imitation grass could be used year-round with no recovery time in between games. However, the advantages of artificial grass became widely accepted, with innovations making these products more grass-esque than ever before. It wasn’t long until homeowners began demanding this technology for their own yards, as well.

When you hire us to install real grass, you’ll be getting top-quality sod shipped straight from the sod farm to our doorstep – and then onto yours. We then make sure to lay the sod over premium lawn soil and add a starter fertilizer to encourage fast growth and “taking” of the soil.

There are many ways to encourage your real grass to stay green all year long, such as watering and fertilizing properly, but buying sod from the wrong source guarantees things will be a little rough. When we order our fescue sod, we have a pallet of sod delivered direct from our personally-selected California premium grower.

Let us take your worries away when it comes to getting your grass – whether artificial or real – installed properly.

Here are some of the things our lawn care experts will discuss with you:

Is Sod Right for You Several factors determine whether you should use sod grass or grass seed when planting your lawn; while most people use grass seed, sod may be right for you if you’re looking for certain qualities in your lawn. Further, with sod, you can have a new lawn or fix a few spots where the grass has died with a day or two of work; after two weeks of watering, a properly installed sod lawn will be rooted and ready for business.

Installing a sod lawn requires preparation, proper installation techniques and diligent watering – a misstep could be costly. In comparison, starting a lawn with grass seed also requires preparation, but failure is often less catastrophic and expensive.

What is Artificial Grass Seen in sports stadiums, outside of commercial properties and maybe even in your neighbor’s yard, artificial grass is material made of synthetic fibers that look like real grass. The synthetic glass blades are green and come in different pile heights, constructed in the same way that carpet is made; it boasts a solid backing and blades that are machine-stitched on. Most new artificial grass that is being produced today also weaves in a brown thatch that mimics the look of dead grass that you’d see on a genuine grass lawn – suffice to say, with the new technology available today, artificial grass has made leaps and bounds with regard to its realistic appearance.

Pros and Cons When it comes to artificial grass, the pros, the way we see it, include water conservation, non-toxicity, non-allergenic, no harmful chemical residues, durability, safer surface characteristics and good return-on-investment. Some top cons, on the other hand, include surface heat, odor buildup and toxic run-off concerns.

Perhaps the most important factor to keep in mind as you consider the pros and cons of artificial turf is that not all artificial grass is created equal – not by a long shot. Product quality and professional installation ultimately determine how well your turf will perform and how long it will last, and superior products come with superior warranties, bringing greater peace of mind.

Installation Since we just mentioned installation, let’s take a closer look at this factor. To begin with, our installers are local, licensed and insured, and we perform background checks on everyone who will be dispatched to your home. Our techs will show you samples and help you choose the best turf option based on your budget, home and needs, ultimately measuring your space and offering you a quote based on your product selection. When you’re ready to move forward, we’ll schedule your installation for a convenient date.

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